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You didn’t get your serial number.
File Buddy 10
You should receive your registration within a few minutes of purchasing or upgrading to File Buddy 10. If you have not received your information after a reasonable period of time the first thing you should do is ensure the message from Kagi was not blocked by spam software. Something treating the e-mail containing registration information as spam is the #1 reason people fail to receive their information. If you are certain that isn't the issue, contact Kagi or us to inquire about the status of your order.

File Buddy 9
File Buddy 9 purchases are processed manually. If you purchased File Buddy 9 and didn’t receive your File Buddy serial number within a day or so after completing your transaction, to inquire about the status of your order.

File Buddy says your serial number has expired
You need to update your copy of File Buddy to the latest version:

Download the final release of File Buddy 9
Download the final release of File Buddy 8

File Buddy says your serial number isn’t valid
All versions of File Buddy
One of the following is almost always responsible for this:
It’s for another version. Each major release of File Buddy uses a different serial number algorithm. File Buddy 10 won’t accept serial numbers from File Buddy 9, for example. Make sure you are using a serial number issued for the version of File Buddy you are using.
You purchased a license for the English version of File Buddy, but are trying to use your serial number with a copy localized for another language. Our translators are paid on the basis of the number of copies of their translations which are sold. To ensure localizers are compensated appropriately for their work, licenses for localized copies of File Buddy should be purchased to obtain serial numbers for those localizations. If you already own a license for English, translation upgrades are available for a nominal cost, and all proceeds go directly to the appropriate localizer.
It wasn’t entered correctly. If you type the serial number into the serial number text box, make sure it is entered correctly. Copying it from the e-mail you received containing it and pasting it into File Buddy’s serial number dialog is the best way to avoid mistakes that can occur when typing serial numbers in manually.
File Buddy 9
There is a known bug either in the generation of File Buddy 9 serial numbers or the code in File Buddy 9 that tests them that can on very rare occasions cause File Buddy to not accept a serial number generated for a given name. If none of the above issues seems to be the problem, please contact us so we can issue a new serial number.

If you have encountered a problem with your File Buddy serial number which is not addressed here and still need help, please so we can have a chance to help. When requesting assistance, please be specific when describing the problem you are having (i.e., tell us more than “File Buddy won’t take my serial number.”), and be sure to tell us which version of File Buddy you are using.

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