File Buddy
File Buddy Upgrade Policy
We appreciate our customers who continue to support new releases of File Buddy by upgrading. You can upgrade a previous version of File Buddy to File Buddy 8 or 9 if you meet the following conditions:

Upgrading to File Buddy 9
Owners of File Buddy 7 and 8 can upgrade to File Buddy 9. Licenses for File Buddy 8 purchased on or after March 1, 2006 qualify for a free upgrade to File Buddy 9.

Who can upgrade a license
You are or you represent the current license holder for the copy of File Buddy you wish to upgrade. You cannot upgrade a copy whose license is held by a former employer, friend, or other party unless we receive instructions to transfer the license to you from the current license holder.

We must be able to verify your eligibility for upgrading. In practice this means we need to be able to locate a qualifying purchase under your name in our customer database. We will contact you for additional information if your current personal information does not match anything in our database.

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