File Buddy
Pricing for the English language version of File Buddy 9
First time purchases $39.95
Upgrading from
File Buddy 8
Free for copies of File Buddy 8 purchased on or after March 1, 2006.
$19.95 for copies purchased prior to March 1, 2006.
Upgrading from
File Buddy 7
$19.95 for copies of File Buddy 7 purchased at any time.
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Discounted pricing for File Buddy 9
Quantity Discounts Discounts are available when purchasing multiple copies of File Buddy. You can use our order page to calculate prices for fixed quantities or a File Buddy site license quote.
Educational Discounts Educational discounts are no longer available.
Personal Discounts Individuals on limited, fixed incomes may qualify to purchase a single copy of File Buddy 9 for use on one computer for $24.95. Read the full details here.
Reseller Discounts Reseller discounts are available. Please contact us for specific pricing.
Requesting discounted pricing
If you believe you qualify for discounted pricing, to confirm your eligibility for the desired discount and obtain payment instructions.

We are very grateful for our customers who continue to support new releases of File Buddy by upgrading. Check here to see if you can upgrade a previous version of File Buddy to File Buddy 9.

File Buddy 7
File Buddy 7 is no longer available for purchase, but we will happily provide a File Buddy 7 serial number with any purchase of File Buddy 9. Just check the option on the order page to receive a File Buddy 7 serial number when purchasing File Buddy 9.

Most of our translators are financially compensated for their work in translating File Buddy. When that is the case, we charge a slightly higher price to cover a portion of this cost. If you are using a translated version of File Buddy, be sure to purchase the correct product when you purchase File Buddy. This will ensure the translator receives the compensation to which he is entitled and that you receive a serial number which your copy of File Buddy will accept.

Questions concerning payments and registration information should be sent to our sales department. See our contact page for an appropriate address.

Payment Options
Purchasing by Credit Card
If you prefer to use a credit card, you can use Kagi to purchase File Buddy online. Please do not send cash or check payments to Kagi. If you send cash or checks to Kagi, they deduct a percentage, forward the rest on to us, and it delays your registration since they don’t issue serial numbers.

Purchasing by Check or Money Order
Send the registration form printed by File Buddy 9 along with your cash, check, or money order made payable to “SkyTag Software” for the appropriate amount to:

SkyTag Software
541 Brookside Dr
Springville, UT 84664

Purchasing from outside the United States
If you are paying from outside the United States, please note the following:

  • Checks must be in U.S. dollars payable through a bank in the United States. Negotiating foreign checks through most American banks can be problematic for several reasons, so please find an alternative way to pay.
  • Do not send foreign currency. While it may be convenient to drop some money from your wallet into an envelope and mail it, it won't be convenient for us to exchange it once it gets here.
  • International Postal Money Orders are also accepted.
  • If your purchase is subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), please use our online order page. We are not set up to process VAT payments if your payment doesn’t go through Kagi.
Getting your serial number
What to expect
For new purchases, serial numbers and the responses containing them are generated automatically by an application running on our server and hence are issued by e-mail in less than an hour. Upgrades require a human touch because we have to verify upgrade eligibility before completing the process, and hence responses to upgrade orders can take up to a day, though generally much less.

If you don't receive your serial number
See our serial number support page.

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