File Buddy 9 Release History
v9.0.2 – August 22, 2009
- Find history strings were missing for no creation, modified, or accessed date. Fixed.
- File Buddy’s contextual menu was not adding any items when using the German localization. Fixed.
- The Replace Regexp option in the Rename window had a bug that could cause a crash or incorrect results in some cases. Fixed.
- The code that validates serial numbers had a bug in it that would prevent it from accepting serial numbers if the name contained non-ASCII characters. Fixed.
- When drawing a badged icon (icons for aliases and locked items) in the List window, the icon would be corrupted or File Buddy would crash in Leopard. After much investigation, it seems to be a bug in Leopard. Workaround found.
- When setting labels using the Label contextual menu in the List window, setting the label to the first label (the red label) had no effect. Fixed.

v9.0.1 – April 24, 2007
- The label menu was not available in the List window’s contextual menu for the Label column. Fixed.
- Cursor would not change over list headings in the List window to denote when a heading can be dragged off or resized. Fixed.
- When using any of the renaming windows to rename files only, File Buddy would not rename bundled documents because even though they appear to be files when viewed in the Finder, they are considered folders by the file system. While not a bug, this would occasionally confuse users who didn’t understand why File Buddy wouldn’t rename a document. File Buddy will now treat bundled documents as files when determining if an item should be renamed.
- File Buddy would ask you confirm if you wanted to move items to the Trash even when the number of items to be moved was less than the minimum to invoke this warning. Fixed.
- Removed the message reporting the number of icons created from images if all were created successfully.

v9.0 – February 10, 2007
- Fixed problem on Intel Macs in which admin mode was not persistent between launches.
- File Buddy 9 released.

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