Upgrading to File Buddy 10
We appreciate our customers who continue to support new releases of File Buddy by upgrading. Copies of File Buddy 9 purchased on or after January 1, 2012 qualify for a free upgrade to File Buddy 10.

Individuals who purchased File Buddy 9 before that date qualify for a 50% discount when purchasing File Buddy 10.

  1. Go to our File Buddy 10 order page.
  2. Enter the number of copies you wish to upgrade.
  3. To get the upgrade discount, check the box labelled "I have a discount coupon" and enter your File Buddy 9 serial number.
  4. Click the "Refresh" icon next to the discount coupon field to submit your serial number.
  5. The page should load and show your discount. If it does not:
    You purchased File Buddy 9 on or after January 1, 2012, so you qualify for a free upgrade.
    Due to a lost database on a server the list of qualifying serial numbers only goes back to the beginning of 2008. If you purchased File Buddy prior to that, you should contact sales@skytag.com with your serial number and we will get it added to the list.
    The transaction ID or serial number was not entered correctly. It's best to copy it from your records and paste it into the field to ensure it’s entered correctly.

If you don’t have and can’t find either your File Buddy 9 serial number, you can contact us at sales@skytag.com with whatever information you can provide to help us locate your previous purchase. Unfortunately, Kagi has shutdown, so we won't be able to track your purchase by credit card or other payment methods. However, approximate date, registered name, language (if not English), and email addresses should help.

Again, thank you for your continued support.

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Last updated 25 September 2016