File Buddy Pricing (English)
Standard pricing
First time purchases $39.95
Upgrading from
File Buddy 9
Copies of File Buddy 9 purchased on or after January 1, 2012 qualify for a free upgrade.
If you purchased File Buddy 9 prior to January 1, 2012 can get a 50% off by following these instructions.
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The online store that FileBuddy was sold through, Kagi, has unexpectedly shut down as of July 31, 2016. We are working to get a solution up and running as soon as possible. New licenses are available for purchase in English only for now, and we are working on getting translations and upgrades online as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Discounted pricing
Quantity Discounts Discounts are available when purchasing multiple copies of File Buddy. You can use our order page to calculate prices for fixed quantities or a File Buddy site license quote.
Personal Discounts Individuals on limited, fixed incomes may qualify for the purchase a single copy of File Buddy 10 for use on one computer for $24.95. Read the full details here.

Requesting discounted pricing
If you believe you qualify for discounted pricing, to confirm your eligibility for the desired discount and obtain payment instructions.

Our localizers are financially compensated for their work in translating File Buddy. We charge a slightly higher price to cover a portion of this cost. If you are using a translated version of File Buddy, be sure to purchase the correct product when you purchase File Buddy. This will ensure the translator receives the compensation to which he is entitled and that you receive a serial number your copy of File Buddy will accept.

Questions concerning payments and registration information should be sent to our sales department. See our contact page for an appropriate address.

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Last updated June 14, 2012